Meet the Doctors

Meet the Doctors

Dr. Greg and Dr. Ann are board certified doctors with over 15 years of experience in chiropractic medicine.  They opened their private practice in 2005 in Palos Park. Constantly keeping current in the industry with new techniques and research, both doctors provide gentle and effective treatment methods that can offer substantial pain relief.

Dr. Greg and Dr. Ann take the time to get to know each of their patients as individuals with their own needs and concerns.  This allows the doctors to provide caring, professional, specialized treatment to all their clients. Serving all ages with true compassion and the highest quality of care is the ultimate goal!

Dr. Greg Cleofe and Dr. Kiann Cleofe
Dr. Greganthony Cleofe, DC, DACRB
Dr. Kiann Cleofe, DC

“At Wellspring Chiropractic, we focus on making our clients feel safe and comfortable.  We are committed to learning about our patients – their personality, their lifestyle and their needs – so that we can tailor a treatment plan that works for them.”

Dr. Greganthony Cleofe, DC, DACRB

Education and Certifications:

National University of Health Sciences, Lombard, IL
Doctor of Chiropractic Degree, 2000
Bachelor of Science in Human Biology, 1999
Graduated on Dean’s List
Certified in Acupuncture and Meridian Therapy, 2000
Diplomate of the American Chiropractic Rehabilitation Board (DACRB) – 2016

University of Illinois at Chicago, Chicago, IL
Bachelor of Science in Kinesiology with Honors, 1997
Minor in Chemistry, 1997

Sole Supports, Inc.
Certified in casting Sole Supports, Inc. orthotic supports
Completed required technique instruction for proper casting of Sole Supports, Inc. orthotic supports

RockTape, Inc.
Level 1 Certification – Functional Movement Taping

The McKenzie Institute, USA®
McKenzie Method of Mechanical Diagnosis & Therapy, Lumbar Spine Part A
McKenzie Method of Mechanical Diagnosis & Therapy, Cervical & Thoracic Spine Part B

Dr. Kiann Cleofe, D.C.

Education and Certifications:

National University of Health Sciences, Lombard, IL
Doctor of Chiropractic Degree, 2000
Bachelor of Science in Human Biology, 1999
Graduated on Honor Roll
Certified in Acupuncture and Meridian Therapy, 2000

University of Toronto,Toronto, ON
Honors Bachelor of Science in Psychology and Biology, 1997

Sole Supports, Inc.
Certified in casting Sole Supports, Inc. orthotic supports
Completed required technique instruction for proper casting of Sole Supports, Inc. orthotic supports

RockTape, Inc.
Level 1 Certification – Functional Movement Taping

Juli Yelnick, Acupuncture

Juli Yelnick, L.Ac., Dipl. Ac (NCCAOM)

Juli Yelnick, L.Ac., Dipl. Ac (NCCAOM)

Education and Certifications:

National University of Health Sciences, Lombard, IL

Master of Science in Acupuncture, with Honors, August, 2015
Valedictorian; Presidential Scholarship

North Central College, Naperville, IL
Master of Arts in Liberal Studies, June, 2007
Magna Cum Laude

Milliken University, Decatur, IL
Bachelor of Arts in History, December, 2004
Magna Cum Laude

National Acupuncture Certification (Dipl. Ac. NCCAOM), National Certification Commission for Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine—August, 2015

Cosmetic Acupuncture Certification, National University of Health Sciences—January, 2015

Japanese Kampo Herbal Medicine, National University of Health Sciences—September, 2014

Natural Medicine in Global Health, Natural Doctors International—April, 2013 & April, 2014

Clean Needle Technique, Council of Colleges of Acupuncture & Oriental Medicine—May, 2013

Licensed Acupuncturist, Juli Yelnick, holds a Master of Science in Acupuncture and has clinical experience in the John H. Stroger Jr. Cook County Hospital pain clinic, the National University of Health Sciences Whole Health Center, and the Natural Doctors International tropical medicine clinic in Nicaragua. She focuses on the whole person, rebalancing the body systems and functions that can become stagnated, weakened, or even plagued with excess due to stress, trauma, dietary habits, or even congenital predispositions.

In her research as an Anthropology Professor, she has traveled to several foreign nations, observing the ancient medical traditions of indigenous communities, which has led to her strong belief in integrative medicine. Working alongside chiropractors, naturopathic doctors, medical doctors, massage therapists, and physical therapists has shown that comprehensive collaboration amongst practitioners leads to the best patient outcomes. Juli’s special interests include pain management, mood management, PTSD, dietary therapy, and aromatherapy.

Our Philosophy

  • We take time to fully understand your problem by conducting a thorough history and performing a detailed examination, including chiropractic, neurological and orthopedic testing.
  • Our approach to treatment uses gentle chiropractic and physical therapy rehabilitation techniques.
  • We work with you and your other healthcare providers to create a coordinated environment where you can heal best.
  • We care for you with one goal in mind: to relieve your pain while returning you to an active lifestyle.

Services and Therapies Provided

  • Chiropractic Treatment
  • Manual/Massage Therapy
  • Physical Therapy
  • Stabilization Training
  • Nutritional Counseling
  • Gait Analysis
  • Custom Foot Orthotics
  • Acupuncture

Why Choose Us

Friendly Staff

Caring Doctors

Board Certified Physicians

Flexible Hours

Walk-Ins Welcome

Insurance Accepted

See What Our Clients Have To Say

  • “ I was going to a different Chiropractor and I thought he was helping me with my pain that I had. He would do treatment and after that treatment, my pain would come back. My family told me to go to Dr. Cleofe and I made an appointment to go see him February 2015. I told him where my pain was and we started my treatments. Dr. Cleofe showed me exercises to do to strengthen my core. My treatment ended in May 2015 and I continue to do my exercise everyday. I feel 100% better with no pain and I would totally recommend Dr. Cleofe. Thank you Dr. Cleofe!”

    Donna H.
  • “ I started in the winter with pain at an 8/10. I was unable to sit for any stretch of time. Coming to Wellspring has helped me feel better. They do not just treat the problem; they educate you on how to do stretches and exercises to heal your body. My pain is not gone, but it is better. I have been to many chiropractic offices, this is the first one that taught me exercises to help me rather than becoming a lifetime patient.

    Anne T.
  • “I cannot even begin to express how happy I am with Dr. Cleofe and all the time, work, and exercise plans he has given me. I started in so much pain back in January and was coming to Wellspring Chiropractic several times a week. Dr. Cleofe always made me feel so much better and gave me the encouragement to continue healthy and safe movement practices that I could continue to get better and return to all my daily activities which I loved so much but always felt pain in doing. I am happy to say that I have been PAIN FREE for 27 days! Thank you Dr. Cleofe and all the super friendly people at Wellspring Chiropractic for not giving up on me!”

    Kathy M.
  • “Getting chiropractic treatment from Wellspring Chiropractic was extremely helpful and allowed me to continue on with me life with little to no discomfort in my neck! They were extremely helpful and patient with me. As a student, chiropractic care gave me better concentration and focus on my studies, as the exercises and adjustments I was given, allowed me to find ways to spend more time studying without neck pain. I would definitely recommend Dr. Cleofe to anyone who has pain, or is looking for a chiropractor.”

    Kylie S.
  • “I started treatment about 2 ½ months ago. I had sought treatment and diagnosis for neck and upper back pain for 10 years. I have visited surgeons and was taking several different medications. Through treatment and exercise at Wellspring, I have increased range of motion, less discomfort and am sleeping more soundly. I would recommend Dr. Greg to anyone with neck or back pain.”

    John S.
  • “ I came into Wellspring approximately 2.5 months ago. I had severe sciatic nerve pain to the point I fainted a couple of times with the intense pain. I also had a significant fear of chiropractors and being adjusted. Dr. Greg was very respectful of my fear and treated me slowly until I became more comfortable. I can honestly say I feel so much better. The sciatic nerve pain is gone and I am now equipped with the tools to try and prevent this in the future and have my quick fixes if I think it is coming back. Thank you Dr. Greg!!!!!!”

    Tara R.
  • “ Dr. Greg’s approach was very straightforward, honest yet very friendly. Not all clinic appointments are as pleasant anymore, where a patient is mostly rushed, almost impersonal. Here at Wellspring, the doctor even listens. All of my apprehensions, questions, worries, and concerns were properly answered, clarified, and addressed. From the 1st evaluation all the way to treatment, I couldn’t be more pleased. The home exercise program that was taught to me was a big part as well as my treatment process. I come out improved, pain-free, and totally satisfied. Thank you so much Dr. Greg and your staff for being so patient, professional, and kind. I give Wellspring -> HR (Highly Recommended!) “

    Eva B.
  • “My back hasn’t felt this good in years. They did a great job teaching me why I had the pain and what will prevent it from coming back. I will recommend them to anyone I hear talk about back issues. Thanks Dr. Greg!”

    Matt W.
  • “When I first came into Wellspring Chiropractic, I was experiencing severe lower back spasms and pain that extremely limited my ability to work and do things on a normal basis. Within only a few treatments, I was feeling back to normal, and I was able to return to work and do things such as bowling that I didn’t think I would be able to do for many months. At the end of my treatment program, I feel completely wonderful and normal with no back pain at all.”

    Julie A.
  • “ I went to see Dr. Cleofe on a friend’s referral. I had neck pain from 25 years of working at a computer. I couldn’t turn my head without discomfort. I had trouble sleeping and rolling over in bed. I had a persistent knot under one shoulder blade that was always a problem. I had terrible posture and couldn’t sit for long periods of time. Driving long distance was always an issue. At the start the doctor put together a detailed game plan in writing and explained the work we would di, the time it would take, and the costs involved. My progress moved along quickly and I’m now pain free. I’m 53 years old and have had this range of motion for 20 years or more. Working at my computer is no longer a problem, nor is sitting for long periods or driving long distances. My posture has improved because of the treatment and simple exercises Dr. Cleofe prescribed. He always takes his time and always listens to what I have to say; he very much made my treatment a team effort. Dr. Cleofe and his staff are always friendly, organized, and appointments are always right on time. I couldn’t be happier with my experience at Wellspring or the fantastic results. Thank you Wellspring!”

    David M.
  • “Dr. Greg has improved my professional and personal lifestyle by his education on how to holistically bring my body back into balance. I came in with intense hip pain, hardly able to walk. After his professional treatments and homework for me, I am able to resume my job as a personal trainer pain free! You are a lifesaver, thank you!!! “

    Claire R.
  • “Dr. Cleofe was a huge part of my training plan for my first Ironman. I first consulted with Doc in May and continued working with him until my race in August. Over the weeks of treatment, my headaches went from having a few a week to not having any at all. My range of motion seemed to get a little better and the pain in my lower back/ upper glute decreased and allowed me to endure training for a 140.6-mile race. The exercises/ stretches he gave me are something I will continue to use. He asks the right questions and allows you to help develop what gets worked on. He was honest and I always felt he was looking out for my best interest. I would recommend him to anyone that I knew looking for help. Thanks for helping me achieve my goal! “

    Justin S. 9/3/13

Choose a chiropractor that cares: Wellspring Chiropractic and Rehabilitation in Palos Heights, IL.

Wellspring Chiropractic and Rehabilitation, located in Palos Heights, IL, offers both conservative and alternative treatment options for lower back pain, neck pain, headaches, arthritis pain, spine or pelvis issues, as well as carpal tunnel syndrome and a multitude of other conditions. We address issues found in all parts of the body by working with the spine to positively affect the health of the entire nervous system. If you prefer a more natural, drugless, non-invasive healing methods, and want to teach your body to heal itself, then you have found the chiropractor for you in Wellspring Chiropractic and Rehabilitation. Contact us today!