Lower Back Pain

Lower Back Pain Relief | Chiropractic Treatment for Lower Back Pain


Chiropractic Lower Back Pain Relief

If you suffer from lower back pain, know that you are certainly not alone. More than 80% of people in the United States will suffer from some form of lower back pain in their lifetime. Our backs are responsible for almost every move we make. This can make it vulnerable to injury that can cause painful and annoying lower back pain. With knowledgeable care and expert treatment, you can be treated and find relief.


Lower back pain is most often caused by joint dysfunction. Symptoms can range from a dull ache to shooting pain. Limited range of motion and the inability to stand straight is common in people with lower back problems. Some lower back pain may be combined with pain that extends into the leg, proceeding down below the knee. This type of problem is called sciatica because the sciatic nerve (the main nerve to the leg) is being pinched or irritated by pressure.


The type of chiropractic treatment used to handle lower back pain really depends on the underlying cause of the pain. Lower back pain treatments, including gentle spinal manipulations and adjustments can be performed to ease discomfort and trauma in muscles, ligaments and tendons surrounding your spine. These treatments can reduce muscles spasms, thus lessening the pain and helping to restore normal function.


Chiropractic care can help your body to heal on it’s own, without major surgery. Contact the professionals at Wellspring Chiropractic and Rehabilitation and find out how we can help you eliminate your lower back pain gently and effectively.

Common Causes of Lower Back Pain


Sometimes you may not even know how you hurt your back, but the pain is there and you need help! Typical causes of lower back pain are:

  • Joint Dysfunction caused by a fall or accident
  • Heavy Lifting
  • Work Related Accidents
  • Auto Accidents
  • Repetitive Motion
  • Sport Activities
  • Aging

Whether your lower back pain was caused from a fall, bad posture or an accident, contact the caring professionals at Wellspring Chiropractic and Rehabilitation for help.

Treatment Techniques for Lower Back Pain


Chiropractic services and therapies can provide you with lasting relief from your lower back pain without the need for constant use of painkillers and muscle relaxers. Using safe, gentle, but highly effective techniques, the chiropractors at Wellspring Chiropractic and Rehabilitation can restore your mobility, relieve your pain, and get you back to enjoying a pain-free life. Contact us today to discuss your needs.


Soft Tissue Techniques:

  • Manual Myofascial Release Therapy
  • Instrument Assisted Soft Tissue Mobilization
  • Joint Manipulation/Mobilization

Stabilization and Functional Exercise Therapy:

Integrated exercise strategies that improve stability, mobility, coordination, strength and endurance to improve functional movement in daily activities are often implemented to assist a patient’s treatment program.

Wellspring Chiropractic is the obvious choice for chiropractic care in Palos Heights and the Chicago suburbs.


Wellspring Chiropractic and Rehabilitation, located in Palos Heights, IL, offers both conservative and alternative treatment options for lower back pain. We use gentle, safe, and effective treatment methods to help relieve your pain by treating the source. Once we have eliminated the pain and restored movement through treatment and therapy, we work with you on lifestyle changes to help you stay strong and help your body learn to heal itself. If you prefer to treat and heal your lower back pain with something other than painkillers and muscle relaxers, then contact the chiropractors at Wellspring Chiropractic and Rehabilitation. We can help!